Stephen Heppell Learning Environment Project

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This project enabled us to all look at our schools with a new lens. Through an on-going dialogue, Professor Heppell provided evidence based research on the importance of air quality on the learning environment; the impact of the quality of light and noise levels. Following a tour of each setting he tailored a range of quick wins and possibilities for each school, encouraging pupils to be at the heart of the project by collecting data and designing improvements.

Across the network the impact of his project has been immense and has included an increase in plants in order to improve air quality; repainting areas using light reflecting paint to support lux levels; increasing maths and ‘geeky’ tech in the environment; exploring flexible seating to suit different learning situations; engaging learners through a range of writable surfaces and raising the profile of our school’s biggest resource – the staff – by giving pupils the opportunity to see professionals working.

Across the network he has also supported work to develop online safety, emphasising the importance of playing with tech together with others and with your family.

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