Network Moderation

Open to all teaching staff


The schools in the network take part in three moderation exercises each year in a cycle of looking at Reading, Writing and Mathematics. The purpose of moderation is to ensure the consistency of teacher assessments, and while our own moderation supplements the Local Authority moderation for Year 2 and Year 6, the Maamulaha Network moderation encompasses all year groups – from Reception to Year 6.

All the teachers from all the schools take part. To make the numbers manageable the schools are split into two groups, North and South, and each group meets together in a school hall allowing teachers to work with others in the same year group, and then see work from across the age range. Each session is led by experienced staff members who are trained as Local Authority moderators. The aim is to provide consistency in assessing work against the National Curriculum. By working with their own year group and then with other year groups, teachers better develop their understanding of age-appropriate expectations.

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