Schools Councils Project

Open to all School Councillors


An opportunity for our councils to work together  – representing their peers
in a wider context.

When our school council representatives – all 100 of them – first got together it
quickly became clear that there are common issues and anxieties which affect
all our children – knife crime, gangs, pollution. By working together the Maamulaha joint school councils came up with a set of key questions they felt needed answered by the people in London who had some power. First of all, they put these questions to local figures (the police, the council, the Governing Bodies) then they took their questions to City Hall and met with Sadiq Khan to explain the thoughts of over 4,000 children in the city.

Their next step is to take a few of the issues identified and address these with positive action – the joint councils are planning a network-wide ‘walk to School day’ for this year; and a local activity guide, with all reviews written by the children in each school.

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