Curriculum Development

Open to Curriculum Leads


Providing support and guidance on designing relevant, meaningful curriculums to reflect our pupils’ lives, needs and experiences, these termly sessions are facilitated by Trevor Davies, an ex-headteacher and school improvement adviser. Curriculum leads from all schools come together to design maps that show a deep progression of skills, knowledge and experiences to underpin pedagogy and learning. This collaborative approach allows us to share expertise and discuss ideas/practice across all schools. Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact is unpacked and procedures for planning, monitoring and assessment are well thought through with clear, detailed examples and pro-forma provided.

The network also works with Trevor to keeps abreast of all current news and developments in the world of OFSTED, including regular network breakfast briefing updates for headteachers. Through this work our schools can be confident their curriculum offer is up to date, challenging, sequential, broad and balanced; with cultural capital and the world of work weaved within.