Engagement and Interaction

A Maamalaha Project with Early Excellence November 2016 – May 2017

This collaborative project will enable schools to develop an understanding of the Leuven Scales for Well Being Involvement and Adult Engagement and how to:

  1. Use these to develop understanding of children as learners
  2. utilise these as a means for accountability and demonstrating progress
  3. apply the use of these effectively to everyday practice.

Working with Jan Dubiel and Judy Fisher, this Maamulaha project will enable teachers to observe, recognise and measure critical aspects that underpin children’s learning and develop strategies for interventions that will impact positively on measurable outcomes.

The schedule for this project is shown below. All training is at the Early Excellence Centre in Canada Water, except the school visits.

16 November   9.30-3.30   Seminar: Dr Prof Ferre Laevers
25 November  9.30-3.30   POMS Training Day 1
8 December    9.30-3.30    POMS Training Day 2
3 February      9.30-3.30    Environment
27 February    9.30-3.30    Effective Interaction
1 March           3.30-5.30     Adult Engagement Scale
20 March        3.30-5.30    Review of Interaction
19 May             TBC              Review of Project